How Many Calories in Sherbets Ice Cream

Sherbets are fruit drinks which have been mixed in with crushed ice so as to give them a slushy kind of a texture. A sherbet ice cream on the other hand is a sherbet which has been mixed in with a flavor of an ice cream. Depending upon the varied number of ice creams, the sherbets can be of many different flavors. If you wish to find out the number of calories that are present in a sherbet ice cream or want to find out the details of other nutrients present in it, then the following given part of this article will be very informative for you:

Calories in Sherbets Ice Cream

Bay view Farms is a very well known as well as popular company which produces and sells many different flavors of ice creams and sherbets  This company has a specialization in selling vanilla orange sherbet ice cream. This tasty sherbet ice cream from Bay view Farms has been made of vanilla orange ice cream.

1 cup of Bay view Farms vanilla orange sherbet ice cream contains a total of 260 calories and out of these 260 calories present in this ice cream, 8 grams have been contributed by the total fats, 4 grams are present as a result of the presence of saturated fats, 30 mg quantity comes from cholesterol content, 70 mg comes from the amount of sodium that is present, 44 grams are due to the presence of total carbohydrates, 32 grams come from sugar quantity present and the remaining 2 grams come from the protein content. The fact that this vanilla orange sherbet ice cream made by Bay view farms contains a lot of sugar can be counted as one of the negative points associated with it. In fact the amount of saturated fat is also cause of worry for those who are on a diet.