Top 10 Foods Rich In Vitamin D Content

Vitamin D is a very important and essential Vitamin for the body as it helps in bone development, absorption of calcium, proper functioning of immune system, cell growth control and to get rid of inflammation.

If a person suffers from a deficiency of this vitamin, then this can lead to a disease in which bones do not develop properly. To make sure you don’t suffer from this deficiency, you can focus on consuming the following given 10 foods with high vitamin D content:


Cod liver Oil

Cod liver oil is the best supplement of vitamin D and also contains high content of Vitamin A,which too is essential for the body.


There are several varieties of fish that are loaded with Vitamin D. Some of these fish are raw mackerel, oil packed sardines, canned mackerel, pickled herring, fillet, and oil packed tuna. Getting enough of these fish varieties can prevent you from suffering from Vitamin D deficiency.


Oysters too are a great source of Vitamin D and hence help in proper bone development and cell growth. Oysters can help one prevent inflammation.


Caviar is a very popular ingredient of sushi and is loaded with the needed vitamin D. Having caviar on a regular basis can prevent deficiency or bone disease.

Fortified Dairy Products

Dairy products are very high on both calcium and vitamin D content and are hence one of the best foods for bone development. Some dairy products which everyone must include in their diet are milk, cheese, and butter among others.

Fortified Soy Products

Fortified soy products like fortified tofu can fulfil a large part of your daily vitamin D and calcium requirement. You can even try fortified soy milk for loading some vitamin D in your body.


Eggs are not only high on Vitamin D content but also protein and Vitamin B12. Make it a point to have eggs regularly to avoid bone problems.


Mushrooms are power packed foods which are excellent sources of vitamin D, copper and Vitamin B5 as well. You can add mushrooms to several recipes and hence increase their intake easily.

Ham, Salami and Sausages

Try having salami, sausages and ham regularly to improve your Vitamin D intake. But those with heart problems must avoid these foods.

Fortified Cereals

fortified cereals are another way to add the much needed vitamin D to your diet. These cereals are also high on several other nutrients and minerals as well.

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