How Many Calories in General Tso’s Chicken

There is hardly a person who would pass General Tso’s chicken. This sweet yet spicy deep fried is a must have in every North American restaurant that serves Chinese food. Though most of China remained unaware of this dish for a very long time, this delicacy does have its roots in Hunan cooking. So now that people cannot resist this dish, it is important that we know the nutritional value of this dish.

General Tso's Chicken

A 150 gm serving of this dish at Hibachi House has 240 calories and about 2.6 gm of fat. Since this dish uses salt and some of the Asian sauces, the Sodium content in this chicken dish is about 550 mg.

At Tai Pei the same amount of this chicken has 170 calories. SO you can opt for this healthy option as its Sodium content is 320 mg. The fat content is however the same.

If you decide to but a box of Chung’s General Tso’s Chicken that serves 2, then you will find that the box has 330 calories, 3.5 gm fat and 710 mg of Sodium.

Kahiki’s one pack of this dish (269 gm) contains 310 calories, 5.1 gm fat, and 890 mg Sodium.

Most people prefer to have this dish even during parties. The main reason is its taste and the low fat content. But some of the packed chicken has a high amount of Sodium in it. This is probably due to the high level of sauces and salt used and sometimes they are used for preservation. The dish does have a slight amount of protein and calcium. You will also find Iron and Vitamin A and C in these dishes. On the whole General Tso’s chicken is good to eat, light on fat and a great party item. So unless you have a problem with Sodium consumption, you should be good to eat this dish.