How Many Calories in a Popcorn Shrimp

USA has several favorites when it comes to side dishes… and popcorn shrimps are just one of them. They are available in almost all restaurants, they are present in buffet and a-la-carte menu and they can be made at home as well. These are made of small sized shrimps so that they are bite sized. They are a combination of shrimps that is dipped in a batter, lathered with a coat of breadcrumbs and deep fried. Some like them spicy, while some like it without too much seasoning. But like all other things, it is good to know how much calories there are in these shrimps and whether they have a nutritional value at all.

Popcorn Shrimp

A snack box of delicious and irresistible popcorn shrimps from Long John Silver’s has 277 calories and 15.4 gm of fat.

You can get the same amount of these mouth watering shrimps at Popeye’s and they have 280 calories. The fat content is also a more than LJS by 0.6 gm.

Red Lobster makes sure that 1 serving of this dish is not more than 180 calories with just 9 gm fat.

The popcorn shrimps of SeaPak serves the same size as that of Popeyes and LJS but cuts down the calories to just 220 and fat content to 12 gm.

Truth be told, the popcorn shrimps cannot be passed and unless you are not in love with seafood, there is no way you can resist them. Though these shrimps are not high on vitamins, they do add about 10% iron to your body with a little bit of calcium on the side. They also have a mediocre carbohydrate amount to itself  and thus you can munch on them in case you feel low on energy. Overall, popcorn shrimps are great appetizers that are not only tasty, but are easily available as well.