How Many Calories in Kit Kat bar

Kit Kat bar is one of the famous chocolates which is popular almost all across the world and is loved by many. Kit Kat bar is a crispy and crunchy chocolate which comes in different packaging and sizes. Are you aware of the number of calories present in Kit Kat bars? Do you know the kind of benefits that are there for your health if you consume Kit Kat bars? If not and you want to find out then please read the following given part of the article:

Kit Kat comes in a snack pack packing 1 2-piece bar of which contains 80 calories. This 1 2-piece bar weighs about 15.9 grams. This calorie amount is composed of 12% saturated fat, 6% total fat and 3% total carbohydrates.

Calories in Kit Kat Bar

Hershey’s is another company that makes Kit Kat bars which is known as Hershey’s Kit Kat bar.1 bar of this chocolate contains 52 calories out of which 4% total fat, 9% saturated fat and 2% total carbohydrates. As far as the nutrition scale is concerned, this chocolate bar has been given a grade of D+. Some of the good points about Hershey’s Kit Kat bar are that it has very low cholesterol content and very low sodium content. But some of the negative points about this chocolate are that it has high saturated fat and very high sugar content as well.

Nestle is a company that is popular for producing yummy Kit Kat bars. 1 bar of this chocolate contains 264 calories and weighs about 50 grams. 264 calories are composed of 40%saturated fat, 22% total fat, 12% sodium and 10% total carbohydrates. High amount of saturated fat might be a point of concern for some people and also the high sodium content shall not be such a good thing about this chocolate.