How Many Calories in Italian Pizza

Italian pizza is a pizza which is native of Italy. There are many varieties and types of Italian pizzas which are differentiated from each other on the basis of the toppings used on them. These pizzas can also differ depending upon the crust and the base. Some examples of Italian pizzas are margarita, onion capsicum Italian pizza, chicken pizza, vegetable pizza etc. the nutritional value of each of these pizzas depends upon the ingredients used to make it. You can refer to the following given information if you wish to find more about the calories of Italian pizza.

Calories in Italian Pizza

Healthy choice is a company which makes delicious pizzas and one such pizza is the Italian Style Pepperoni Pizza. 6 oz of this particular pizza has got a total of 370 calories and out of these 370 calories, 7% come from total fat content, 8% come from saturated fat content, 3% come from cholesterol, 23% are contributed by cholesterol content, 19% come from total carbohydrates and 20% come from dietary fiber content. The nutritional value of this pizza is B-. Some good points about this pizza are that it is low on the saturated fat content and has got very little cholesterol content as well.  The amount of iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C present in this pizza is also pretty good.

Boboli is a company which is known for the amazing Italian crust pizza that it makes.47.2 grams of this particular pizza contains about 140 calories in total of which 4% come from total fat content, 5% comes from saturated fat content, 11% comes from sodium content, 8% is contributed by total carbohydrates and 3% comes from dietary fiber content present in it. C- is the nutritional grade given to this pizza. The fact that there is no sugar and no cholesterol in this pizza makes it healthy to eat.