How Many Calories in Holsten Pils

Holsten Pils is a lager popular for its unique taste that is available in handy cans and in long-necked bottles. The ingredients used for the preparation of this drink include malted barley, hops, normal water and yeast. Natural sugar is used for a better quality of fermentation process in this lager. Manufactured in light yellow colours, these are more balanced and wonderfully blended than other regular lagers. These drinks contain lower amount of alcohol and carbohydrates.

One can of Holsten Pils lager weighing around 440 ml, contains a total of 167 calories. Out of 167 calories, it contains only 9 grams of carbohydrates. It does not carry any fat, sugar or protein.

Holsten Pils

Another can of Holsten Pils lager that weighs 500 ml contains 189 calories out of which the total amount of carbohydrates present is 10 grams and total sugar content in it is 10 grams. This lager is low in fat and does not possess any traces of dietary fibre and protein. This Holsten Pils neither contains any vitamin nor calcium and iron.

One can of lager manufactured by Holsten weighing 440 grams contain a total of 167 calories out of which only 3% of its calories come from carbohydrates. In this amount of lager, total carbohydrates present in 8.8 grams. It does not possess any fat or protein. Also this can of Holsten Pils does not carry any minerals in it.

There are 52 calories in a 100ml serving of Holsten Pils. Also there is 170 calories in a full bottle of Holstein Pils that contains around 275 ml of liquid. This well-known lager contains 0 g of fat and protein.

Thus, from the above data we can see that the calorie content in each glass or container has different nutritive values. One should keep a check while consuming beer as too much consumption of alcohol is bad for health.