How Many Calories in Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Garlic shrimp pasta is a kind of a pasta dish which is made by making use of garlic and shrimp. This pasta is a popular pasta variety which is served at several cafes, restaurants and Italian eating joints. Garlic shrimp pasta may also contain a variety of other ingredients such as tomatoes, bell peppers, olives, basil leaves, seasonings etc and the ultimate calorie count of the pasts depends upon the ingredients which have been used. You can refer to the following given information about the number of calories and nutritional grade of different types of garlic shrimp pastas.

Calories in Garlic Shrimp Pasta

Ruby Tuesday is a well known company which prepares and serves delicious shrimp Alfredo pasta. In this pasta, Alfredo sauce is used and is topped with sautéed garlic shrimp and diced tomatoes. 1 serving of it contains 896 calories in total and out of these calories, 63% come from total fat content whereas the remaining 32% is contributed by dietary fiber content. The large amount of dietary fiber in this pasta is a good thing.

Maggiano’s Little Italy is a famous eating joint which is known for the tasty garlic shrimp pasta that it makes. This pasta is known as Garlic Shrimp Linguine and 1 serving of it contains 1810 calories! This large calorie content is as a result of presence of 91% total carbohydrates and 65% sodium content. This is highly unhealthy pasta as it contains way too much sodium and excess of carbs as well.

Fazoli’s garlic shrimp pasta is another famous garlic shrimp pasta variety. One serving of this pasta served by Fazoli’s contains about 80 calories only. These 80 calories are present in this pasta as a result of 23% contribution by cholesterol and 11% contribution by sodium. Both sodium and cholesterol are high in this pasta and this is a negative point about it.