How Many Calories in Fruit Pizza

A fruit pizza is a kind of a pizza which has got fruits instead of vegetables as the toppings. A fruit pizza is available at a lot of restaurants and snack bars and is available in different varieties depending upon the choice of fruits of the customers. It is very easy to make a fruit pizza at home by selecting your favourite fruit toppings. A fruit pizza has several health benefits because it contains fruits. The number of calories in a fruit pizza totally depends upon the exact nature of the fruits. The following given information will be very useful for you if you wish to know more about fruit pizza:

Calories in Fruit Pizza

Eggo is a company that makes delicious fruit pizzas. 1 fruit pizza sold by this company weighs 150 grams and contains 390 calories. In terms of its nutritional value, this kind of a pizza gets a grade D. 20% of the 390 calories are contributed by total fats, 30% are contributed by saturated fats, 5% come from cholesterol while 16% are contributed by sodium. The remaining 21% come from total carbohydrates while 16% come from the dietary fiber content. The low amount of cholesterol is a good point about this pizza whereas high amount of sugar is a negative point.

Lunchables is a popular company that is known to make delicious fruit pizzas. 1 package weighing 232 grams contains about 340 calories. Out of the 340 calories, 12% come from the total fat content, 17% come from the saturated fat content, 5% come from the cholesterol content, 24% come from the sodium content, 19% comes from the total carbohydrate content and 16% comes from the dietary fiber content. The nutrition grade given to this pizza is B-. The good thing about this pizza is that it has low cholesterol and high vitamin C.