How Many Calories in Kale Shake

Kale is a green vegetable which is from the family of cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Kale can be used to make different smoothies and shakes and is great for the health because of its ‘green vegetable’ related benefits. Kale is a rich course of vitamin C and even vitamin K and does not even contain a lot of calories. If you wish to know more about kale shake and are interested in finding out the number of calories that are present in kale shake then please go through the following given information about it:

Calories in Kale Shake

A typical kale shake consists of kale, bananas, cocoa powder, almond milk and berries such as strawberries or blueberries.  1 serving of kale shake contains about 235 grams of kale shake and has got 166 calories in total. These 166 calories are there in one serving of kale shake because of the presence of 5% total fat, 5% saturated fat, 5% sodium content, 13% total carbohydrates and 38% dietary fiber content. This shake is really low on the cholesterol content and this is one of the really good things about it.

Secondly, kale shake is a really rich source of vitamin E, Calcium, copper and magnesium. The other things that can be counted as the positive points about kale shake are that it has got a lot of dietary fiber content in it, there’s a lot of vitamin A in it, it’s a rich source of vitamin C and also of vitamin K. Infact kale shake also contains manganese which too is a good thing. The estimated glycemic load which is caused to the body by consuming 1 serving of this shake is 9%. This shake is considered good for those who are trying to lose weight because of its various properties and health benefits.