How Many Calories in Fried Egg

Fried egg is a form of an egg which has been fried and cooked. Fried eggs are really tasty and are quite commonly consumed by a lot of people. Eating fried eggs may have a lot of health benefits and are generally eaten during the time of breakfast. Many restaurants and cafes make delicious fried eggs and these can also be made at home. If you wish to know about the number of calories in fried eggs then please refer to the following given information:

Calories in Fried Egg

1 large fried egg is equivalent to 46 grams and contains 72 calories. Out of these 72 calories, 8% come from total fat, 7% come from saturated fat, 57% come from cholesterol and 2% come from sodium. Eggs are a rich source of iron and even fried eggs contain a good amount of iron content. The nutrition grade given fried eggs is B-. Some of the good points associated with fried eggs are that they have low sugar content, very high iron content, they have a lot of phosphorus content, they are high on riboflavin, they have a lot of selenium content, they have got high amount of vitamin B6 and they also have a high amount of vitamin B12. Some of the negative points associated with fried eggs are that they have got a lot of saturated fat content and the level of cholesterol is also quite high.

Eat’n Park is a famous company which sells yummy fried eggs. 1 serving of Eat’n Park fried eggs contains 102 calories. Out of these 102 calories, 12% come from total fat, 71% are present as a result of the presence of cholesterol and 7% also come from the amount of sodium present. The negative thing about these fried eggs is that they have a large amount of cholesterol in them.