How many Calories in Rye bread

Rye bread is a kind of bread that has been made by using rye and is generally taken into use at the time of breakfast as it is very good for the health. Rye bread is prepared by many companies and is sold at departmental stores and bakeries. If you are someone who likes rye bread and wants to find out how many calories are present in it and what are its health benefits, then you have landed at the right place. The following given information about rye bread will be useful for you:

Calories in Rye bread

1 slice of rye bread weighs about 32 grams and contains 83 calories. These 83 calories are present in one slice of rye bread as a result of 2% calories from total fat, 1% calories from saturated fat, 9% calories from sodium, 5% calories from total carbohydrates and 7% calories from dietary fiber. Since this bread has got a lot of health benefits associated with it, it has been given A- nutrition grade. Some of the positive points about rye bread are that it has no cholesterol, has got low amount of saturated fat, has got a lot of manganese content, is high on the selenium content and is high on thiamin content as well. The only negative point about rye bread is that it has considerable amount of sodium in it.

Wal-Mart is a brand name known to make soft rye bread with no seeds. 1 serving weighing 25 grams of such a rye bread contains 60 calories and is tagged at B grade in terms of its nutrition value. These 60 calories are present as a result of 1% total fat, 5% sodium, 4% total carbohydrates and 4% dietary fiber as well. No cholesterol and low saturated fat can be considered as the good points about this bread.