How Many Calories in Chicken Drumstick

Chicken drumstick is one of the most loved chicken parts for many people. A chicken drumstick is the lower joint of the leg of a chicken and tastes good when cooked. Chicken drumstick can be prepared at home and is also available at a lot of restaurants and eating outlets. There are many health benefits of eating chicken drumsticks but the number of calories in one chicken drumstick may be different than that in the other and this difference is due to the method of preparation and additional ingredients added. If you want to know more about chicken drumstick nutritional points then please read the following given information:

Calories in Chicken Drumstick

Freshdirect is a company that makes wonderfully delicious chicken drumsticks. 4 oz of raw chicken drumstick sold by this company contains 210 calories.22% of these calories come from total fat, 20% of the calories come from saturated fat, 32% of the calories come from cholesterol and 4% of the calories come from sodium. The nutrition grade which has been given to these drumsticks is D. the low amount of sodium in chicken drumsticks sold by this company is the good point about them but on the other hand, high quantity of cholesterol can be counted as a negative point.

Tyson is yet another company known for preparing delicious chicken drumsticks. 4 oz of chicken drumsticks which are prepared by this company contain 150 calories which are present as a result of 11% contribution from total fat, 10% contribution from saturated fat, 38% contribution from cholesterol and 4% contribution from sodium. The nutrition grade which has been given to these chicken drumsticks is D-. The negative feature about Tyson chicken drumsticks is that it has got a large percentage of cholesterol in it but the good point about it is that there is no sugar present.