How many calories in an Irish coffee

An Irish coffee is a drink that is made as a cocktail comprising of sugar, hot coffee and Irish whiskey as its contents. It is topped and stirred with a thick cream layer which makes it very rich in fat and cholesterol. This coffee is sipped through the creamy layer on top. The coffee in which the cream is not whipped is the actual Irish coffee. Though, the one made by whipping the cream is also referred to as Irish coffee. The ingredients of this coffee make it very nutritious as well as high on fat and cholesterol content.

calories in an Irish coffee

The total amount of calories in just one ounce of coffee amounts to 26 calories. The total fat is 1.3 grams, including 0.59 grams of carbohydrates and 0.09 grams of proteins. The saturated fat content in this beverage amounts to 0.809 grams along with 0.048 grams of poly saturated fat and 0.378 grams of mono saturated fat. The cholesterol level in this ounce of coffee equals to 5 milligrams. Thus, an Irish coffee is quite high on cholesterol which is not suitable for the heart and liver patients. The sodium and potassium level is 2 milligrams and 11 milligrams respectively. It has no dietary fibre and 0.05 grams of sugar content.

This hot beverage contains no vitamins or minerals. It has 0% Vitamin A and Vitamin C, Iron and Calcium. The percentage content in calorie breakdown is 81% fat along with 16% carbohydrates and 3% of proteins. Since it contains a lot of fat and cholesterol content, that is why Irish coffee is not very suitable for patients. It contains some amount of whiskey that is why it has a little effect on the nervous system. This coffee is not very rich in vitamins and minerals though.