How Many Calories in a Big Mac

Big Mac is a burger introduced by the international food restaurant chain McDonald and it has become popular worldwide already owing to its savory taste. It is manufactured using bread, special sauce, cheese, pickles and many more ingredients. It is stuffed seed bun in from of three parts.

Calories in a Big Mac

Normally a big Mac is of 258gm by weight. It consists of 704 calories of energy. Out of 258 grams of big Mac, 44 gram is fat. That amount of fat is capable of producing 393 calories of energy. Big Mac has 40% of saturated fat, which is not harmful for the human body, but the remaining 60% is unsaturated fat that can be harmful for your health. The Big Mac consists of 142 milligram of cholesterol by weight. Around 40 grams of carbohydrates comes from different types of vegetables and other ingredients.More than 40 grams of protein come from special sauces and other vegetables and meat. Big Mac is often served with parsley garnishing, which increases the nutritive value of the food. Then, the vitamin and calcium content is 7% and the total calorie count is 30%. Iron content in Big Mac with parsley is more than 33%. More than 38gram of animal protein comes from the different types of vegetable and meats. More than 100 grams of sodium is obtained from the different types of bun that can increase the calories index by more than 40%.

Big Mac is a versatile food and can be flavored in many ways to make it taste differently for each one; of course the nutritive value also changes accordingly. Owing to its savory taste, Big Mac have earned thousands of fans not only in America only but also in many different countries. Excessive consumption of this burger can however cause increase in your body weight due to the amount of fat consistency.