How Many Calories in Black Coffee

There are different varieties of black coffee available from a number of brands and the calorie content in each of these is different. However, whichever variety of black coffee you opt for the calorie content is likely to be low. Here is a look at the number of calories in a few varieties of black coffee available from some of the popular brands.

One mug containing around 270 grams of black coffee contains a total of 5 calories. This black coffee preparation does not contain sugar, cream or any other ingredient.


 One of the most preferred varieties of black coffee is the Gourmet Black Coffee available from Organo Gold. One sachet of this variety of black coffee available from Organo Gold weighing around 3.5 grams contains 10 calories. Out of these 10 calories 67% of the calories are obtained from carbohydrates and the remaining 33% calories come from proteins. The total sodium content in a 3.5 grams sachet of Gourmet Black coffee is 5 mg, carbohydrate content in it is 2 grams and protein content in it is 1 gram.

On consuming one cup of brewed black coffee containing 8 oz of coffee you are likely to consume only 2 calories. However, this black coffee preparation does not contain any sugar content and there is no cream added to it. On adding both these ingredients the calorie content in a cup of brewed black coffee would increase. Many people prefer adding sugar to this coffee and with just one spoon of sugar you will be adding 11 calories to your cup of coffee. Adding cream would mean adding a lot of extra calories.

Coffee helps in maintaining weight and this is why it is consumed by many. However, if you add sugar and cream to it you are defeating the purpose of consuming this drink.