How Many Calories in Whiskey

There are various brands of whiskey available in the market. However, whichever brand you choose you are likely to consume some calories on drinking it. One oz of Whiskey contains around 71 calories out of which none of the calories come from fat. In fact the fat content in whiskey is almost nil. Consuming Whiskey also does not have any impact on your Cholesterol level as the cholesterol content in this drink is also zero. An equal serving of Whiskey however contains some amount of Sodium and potassium in it. While the sodium content in one oz of whiskey is 0.28 mg, the potassium content in it is 0.57 mg. It also has 0.028 grams of carbohydrate content while the alcohol content in an equal serving of Whiskey is 10.2 grams. Apart from this whiskey does not contain any other micronutrient; it does not have any protein, vitamin or mineral content.

Whiskey Calories

A jigger of whiskey which weighs around 1.5 ounces has around 100 calories. Different kinds of whiskeys available in the market are prepared from different things; some may be made from malted barley, some from wheat corn while others from rye. The calorie content in one and a half ounce of whiskey may rise up to 125 calories based on the ingredients used in its preparation.

When consumed with ice the calorie content in whiskey is likely to go down to some extent. The more ice you pour in a glass the less whiskey it is likely to accommodate thus lowering the intake of whiskey and the calories coming from it.

Whiskey does not offer any nutritional value and is also not considered good for health because of the high alcohol content it has. Consuming whiskey in large quantity has a number of adverse effects on a person’s health and it is thus recommended to avoid this drink.