How Many Calories in Egg Whites

Eggs are rich in proteins and considered to be a great energy booster. The white portion in chicken egg is considered to have a great nutritional value but also add to your daily intake of calories. The egg yolk that is its yellow portion also has its own nutritional value however it is avoided by many because of the cholesterol content it has.

There are various ways in which egg white can be cooked and consumed. The calorie content in egg white differs based on the way it is prepared. A medium sized raw chicken egg weighing around 44 grams contains approximately 66 calories. The egg white in an equal sized raw chicken egg contains only 14 calories out of this and all these calories are obtained from proteins; none of these comes from fat. There are around 4.5 grams of fat in this raw medium egg and the entire fat content comes from egg yolk. There is a total protein content of 6.3 grams in an equal sized raw egg out of which 3.6 grams come from egg white. Each gram of protein which is obtained from egg white has around 4 calories, thus 14 calories in a medium sized raw egg white come from proteins.

Egg Whites Calories

The calorie content and other nutritional facts mentioned above are that of a raw egg with no other ingredient added to it. However, once you add certain ingredients to it and cook it, the calorie content in it is likely to change to some extent. Scrambled eggs are quite popular amongst many. An average sized scrambled egg white contains around 17 calories. The calorie content in scrambled egg increases when salt, pepper and sauces are added to it. Boiled egg white is also well liked by many; a large whole boiled egg contains around 78 calories out of which only 17 calories come from egg white.