How Many Calories in Fruit Smoothies

Fruit Smoothies are prepared using different fruits. Various other ingredients are also added to these in order to enhance their taste. Fruit smoothies are very delicious, especially well liked by the kids. However, this food item also comes with a number of calories. Information related to the calorie content and other nutritional value of some of the fruit smoothies is mentioned in detail in this article.

A typical fruit smoothie which is prepared using different fruits and ice is very tasteful and also contains a lot of nutritional value. The calorie content of a fruit smoothie differs based on the kind and quantity of fruits added to it. One serving of a fruit smoothie prepared at home which includes some mango-orange juice, ice and a few peaches, strawberries and bananas has around 118 calories. It is also quite healthful and nutritious.

However, with changing times most people go for fruit smoothies available in the market rather than indulging in preparing these at home.

Fruit Smoothies Calories

There are different kinds of fruit smoothies available in the market and while these may taste better than the one prepared at home, these are not as healthy and nutritious. Different companies offer a variety of fruit smoothies and in order to enhance the taste of these smoothies they add a lot of flavors, sugar and other ingredients which result in increasing the number of calories in these.

Consuming a 20 ounce Blueberry Heaven Smoothie King means taking in 325 calories. A typical serving of a Jamba juice peanut Butter Moo’d smoothie which contains peanuts, soy milk, ice, bananas and non-fat yogurt offers as many as 770 calories.

McDonald’s also offers different flavors of fruit smoothies. A small 12 oz cup of McDonald’s Wild Berry Smoothie contains around 210 calories. An equal serving of Mc Donald’s strawberry banana smoothie also contains 210 calories.