How Many Calories in a Roma Tomato

The calorie content in Roma Tomato varies based on the size of the tomato and also on its method of preparation. A medium sized raw Roma tomato contains around 35 calories out of which only 9 calories come from fat. An equal sized raw Roma tomato contains 7 grams of carbohydrates, 6 grams sugar, 1.4 grams of dietary fiber, 1 gram protein and 5 mg sodium. The Vitamin C content in a raw Roma Tomato is quite high and it also contains a good amount of Vitamin A. It also contains small traces of iron and calcium.

The calorie content of Roma tomato changes on cooking it. There are various Roma Tomato preparations one may go for using different cooking methods and the number of calories in each of these preparations is different from the other. Those of you who are fond of soups can have it in the soup form. Roma Tomato basil soup is a tasteful and nutritious option when it comes to soups. However, it contains a good number of calories too. There are around 360 calories in each serving of this soup.

Roma Tomato Calories

Roma Tomato salad is also quite popular. Roma Tomatoes Souper Salad for salad bar is consumed by many for the health benefits it offers. It is especially recommended for those trying to shed a few pounds. It offers a good nutritional value and is less in calories at the same time. Each serving of Roma of Roma Tomatoes Souper Salad for salad bar contains as less as 10 calories.

White wave baked Roma tomato basil is a well liked Roma Tomato preparation. Each serving of Roma tomato prepared in this manner contains around 90 calories. It also contains some amount of proteins, fat and fiber content and small traces of sodium and calcium and certain essential vitamins.

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