Prevent your Serial Going Soggy with these Tips

Cereal is a food which is made from processed grains. It is often eaten as the first meal of the day. It is frequently had cold usually mixed with milk, with the addition of sometimes yogurt or fruit. Hence, there are always chances that the cereal becomes soggy and loses its crunchy taste.

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So, why put up with soggy cereal? Keeping your cereal crunchy is the main aim.

If you’re worried that your favourite cereal is too cumbersome, worry not for we have some tips for you. You won’t have to fret at all about losing any tasty bits out of your usual breakfast cereal!

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Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowls

There are many specially designed bowls available in the market which ensures that you never have to have a soggy breakfast again. They are available in various shapes, sizes and colors. There are 2 compartments.

Separate spaces for your milk and your cereal ensure that your cereal does not lose its crunchiness. All you have to do is eat your cereal from the shelf-less section of the bowl where the cereal and milk meet, pushing the cereal in as required.

Most of these boxes are heat microwave safe so that you can heat it if necessary. They are easy to maintain and can be cleaned using dish washer like any other normal vessel. They are normally made up of plastic or melamine.

Some other Tips

  • Pour milk bit by bit and eat the cereal layer by layer. Pour a very limited amount of milk and eat that portion immediately, and so on.
  • You can use a straw to drink the settled milk which turns your cereal soggy and eat your cereal in combination. This makes sure that the milk doesn’t get accumulated at the bottom of the cereal cup or bowl.
  • Pick your cereal carefully. Make sure that you buy cereals which stay crunchy for a longer time and are among those which don’t absorb liquid easily.
  • In a cup or bowl, first add milk completely. Now, add the cereal bit by bit in portions and eat it quickly. Then add more and repeat.
  • If you really hate sogginess, then you can also consume your cereals dry and then consume milk in another different form in your diet.

Many a time, we tend to waste a lot of our breakfast cereals as they get soggy fast. Hence, by using some of these above tips, you can also avoid wastage.

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