How to Make Healthy Food Choice at Mexican Restaurants

Are you on a diet but still in love with Mexican food that is just irresistible for you? Mexican dishes are overloaded with extra cheese and have a lot of calories and sodium which is the reason why people shun these dishes to remain fit and healthy.

However, you can also remain healthy by eating Mexican delicacies. Here is a smart way of enjoying the Mexican food at restaurant without having to worry about your waistline, heart and your overall health. Check the rules below –


Start with the Starters

The only reason to choose starters is because it helps you lower down your intake of high calorie food consumed later in the main course. Soup is the best starter if taken in a cup (and not in a bowl) to stick to a minimum quantity. It can be paired with soft tortillas, black beans, taco which can be fillers for your stomach.

Fried foods – Foes not Friends

Fried foods contain a lot of calories and can do harm to your heart by increasing the cholesterol level in your body. You must avoid the fried tostada shell often served with the salad. You should also keep away from Shrimp Fajitas (980 cal.), Cheese and Bean Enchilada (910 cal.), chimichangas, gorditas and taquitos.

Go green, eat raw vegetables

Vegetables as we all know are rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. You can heartily eat vegetable filled tacos, burritos accompanied by some black beans and tofu which is a good protein diet. If you order a Taco Salad, order without cheese and sour cream.

Choose soft whole grain or corn to wrap around your taco and ask the server to serve it in a plate, rather than in a deep fried, bowl shaped tortilla. You don’t want to be tempted after all!

Be sagacious with your Beverages

Flavoured and mixed drinks such as Margaritas are made with sugar laden mixtures which add to the calorie content. Choosing a glass of wine, a light Mexican beer, a diet and a calorie free club soda and a 100% pure fruit juice is a wise way of choosing your drinks.

Say NO to and say YES to


Nachos, chalupas, taquitos, chile relleno since they are all deeply fried.

Healthy Choice

You can order chicken fajitas, bean burritos and a grilled chicken dish with peppers and onions.

Now that you are all set to eat healthy, relish the finger licking Mexican food without any worries!

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