Top 7 Health Benefits Of Cinnamon

Cinnamon, commonly treated as one of the Indian spice, has various health benefits. This spice can be used to treat some of the major health related problems like blood sugar, cancer and others. Cinnamon has been used by people from the ancient days and the doctors in the early days used it to cure problems like sore throat and coughing.

This proves that cinnamon contain medicinal qualities and below given are various health benefits of consuming cinnamon.


Use of Cinnamon for the Betterment of Health

1. Sugar Control

Cinnamon can be taken by people who suffer from diabetes because of its insulin resistant properties. There are majorly two varieties of cinnamon namely cassia cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon is highly useful in curing diabetes because of its extremely low level of coumarin. If taken regularly cinnamon helps 3-5% in treating a diabetes patient.

2. Fungal Infection

Various studies have shown that cassia cinnamon has various chemicals which can effectively fight against the fungal infection. Not only cinnamon but the oil obtained from the tree bark of it can also be used to treat many fungal yeast infections.

3. Stomach Bug

Because of its excellent anti bacterial properties, cinnamon proves to be the best medicine when it comes to stomach bug. Regular intake of cinnamon also lowers down the risk of any kind of stomach bug.

4. Cancer

The researchers claim that cinnamon can help to prevent cancer. Cinnamon oil has proved to be quite effective in the treatment of problems like cancer and tumor.

5. Arthritis

The urge of people towards the effectiveness of cinnamon has led to various researches to see how cinnamon can help arthritis patient. The common people suggested that drinking cinnamon tea or massaging with cinnamon oil is extremely helpful in the arthritis pain.

The high level of manganese in the cinnamon sticks which help build bones might be the reason behind this effectiveness.

6. Infertility and Menstrual Pain

Studies have proven that cinnamon is rich in a natural chemical called cinnamaldehyde, that is responsible for decreasing testosterone and increasing hormone progesterone in women that aids in gaining fertility and eases menstrual pain as well.

7. Neurodegenerative Diseases

Cinnamon is known to treat multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, brain tumor, Parkinson’s disease, and meningitis. Several researches held at the Cytokine Research Laboratory in The University of Texas rightly proved that cinnamon can reduce chronic inflammation and cure these neurological disorders.

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