How Many Calories in Vodka Tonic

Vodka Tonic is available from a number of brands and comes in different varieties. The calorie content in vodka tonic varies from brand to brand and also depends on the variety you choose. Here is a look at the calorie content in a few varieties of vodka tonic available from some popular brands.

Vodka Tonic available from Generic is quite popular. 19 oz of vodka tonic available from this brand contains 336 calories and all these are obtained from carbohydrates. The total carbohydrate content in it is 30 grams. Generic’s Vodka and Slimline Tonic is also well liked. 175 ml of this vodka tonic variety contains a total of 58 calories.


Vodka tonic with twist of lime available from Dana’s Kitchen contains 159 calories. 10 oz of half soda vodka tonic contains 120 calories and all of these calories come from carbohydrates. Vodka Tonic combined with a splash of cranberry available from House contains 250 calories. Stolichnaya vodka tonic with lime is also well liked. 9 oz serving of this drink contains a total of 159 calories.

You may even go for Kettle One’s Double vodka tonic Schweppes which contains a total of 282 calories. The total carbohydrate content in it is 23 grams. On consuming one glass serving of traditional vodka tonic with Lime one is likely to take in 282 calories. The total carbohydrate content in an equal serving of this vodka tonic variety is 23 grams.

250 ml of Smirnoff’s Vodka & Tonic contains 177 calories. Carbohydrate content in an equal quantity of this drink is 17 grams. Many people prefer opting for diet vodka tonic as the number of calories in it is quite lower in comparison to the usual vodka tonic. On consuming 1 oz of generic vodka combined with 7 oz of diet tonic you are likely to take in 64 calories.