How Many Calories in Swiss Rolls

Does the mention of Swiss Rolls make your mouth go all watery? Swiss rolls can be put into the category of desserts and are available in many different variations, flavors and even shapes. But are you aware of the number of calories that one Swiss roll have? Do Swiss rolls have any health benefits or harmful effects on health? Well if you wish to find the answers to these questions, please refer to the following given points and details.

Little Debbie is a brand that is known to prepare delicious snack cakes in many different varieties. One of Little Debbie’s most popular snack cakes is Swiss rolls. 2 Swiss rolls from this company have a total of 270 calories and have been given a nutritional grade D-. Some of the negative points associated with these Swiss rolls are that they are really high on the saturated fat content and the sugar content. But on the other hand, low cholesterol level and low sodium content makes these Swiss rolls decent enough to eat.

Calories in Swiss Rolls

Wal-Mart is also known to sell Swiss rolls. One serving of these Swiss rolls that weigh around 71 g has 230 calories and a nutritional grade C-. These calories are a result of 9% total fat, 12% saturated fat, 17% cholesterol, 5% sodium, 14% carbohydrates and 8% dietary fiber. Low sodium can be considered as a good point whereas high sugar is the negative point associated with these Swiss rolls.

Mrs. Freshly cream filled Swiss rolls are too yummy to resist and two of these rolls have got 270 calories. In terms of the nutritional value, these Swiss rolls have got a D- grade may be due to the fact that they are high in sugar content and also high on the saturated fat quantity. These Swiss rolls have low cholesterol level which is one of the health benefits of consuming them.