How Many Calories in Apple Jacks Cereal

If you are wondering about the health benefits or harmful effects of eating your favourite apple jacks cereal, then you are not the only one. Apple jacks cereal is definitely tasty to eat but is it that beneficial for the health as well? Do you know the number of calories that are there in apple jacks cereal? Are you aware of the nutritional grade that apple jack cereal is given? If you are interested in finding out the answers to these questions, then you can refer to the following given part of the article:

The original Apple Jacks cereal is basically a breakfast cereal manufactured by the brand called Apple Jacks. ¾ cup of this cereal contains about 70 calories and has been given A- grade. There are many different health benefits attached to this particular cereal and is therefore a favorite among many health conscious people. This cereal has got no saturated fat, no cholesterol, a lot of iron, vitamin C, Niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, thiamin and high riboflavin as well.

Calories in Apple Jacks Cereal

Wal-Mart Apple Jacks cereal is another popular variant of the Apple Jacks cereal and is manufactured by Wal-Mart itself. 1 serving which is about 28g of Wal-Mart Apple Jacks cereal contains about 110 calories out of which 1% comes from fat, 6% comes from sodium, 8% comes from carbohydrates and 4% from dietary fiber. This cereal is really high iron and Vitamin C but at the same time it is also high on sugar which is one of its negative points.

Apple Jacks manufacturers another type of cereal as well which is called Gliders.  1 cup of this cereal from Apple Jacks contains about 110 calories and has been given a nutritional grade of A-. The only negative associated with this particular cereal is the fact that it is very high on the sugar count.