How Many Calories in Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Buttermilk pancake mix is one of the most loved items for every pancake lover. Buttermilk pancake mix is prepared and manufactured by many different companies and brands but each one of them prepares it differently and thus there is a difference in the amount of calories. If you wish to know the health benefits, nutritional value and calories of different types of buttermilk pancake mix then you can go through the following given details and information.

The buttermilk pancake mix that is manufactured by Wal-mart is quite a famous variant of pancake mix and is consumed and bought by many. But do you really know how many calories it contains? 1 serving which is about 61 g of this buttermilk pancake mix contains about 220 calories out of which 5 %comes from total fat, 5% comes from saturated fat, 5% comes from cholesterol, 26% comes from sodium and 14% comes from total carbohydrates. The nutritional grade given to this mix is C+ because of the fact that it contains high amount of sodium.

Calories in Buttermilk Pancake Mix

Fiber One Buttermilk Pancake mix is another famous buttermilk pancake mix and 3 pancakes contains 190 calories. Even inspite of a high calorie content, the nutritional grade given to this mix is A. This calorie content comes from 5% of total fat, 2% from saturated fat, 8% from cholesterol, 19% from sodium and 20% from dietary fiber in addition to the 12% from carbohydrates. The good points about consuming the pancakes prepared from this mix are that it is high on saturated fats, high in calcium content and high in dietary fiber.

Nature’s path organic is another company that manufactures Buttermilk pancake mix and 40g of it contains about 130 calories with a nutritional grade of B+. This mix is pretty high on sodium count and hence is not so healthy to eat.