How Many Calories in Spicy Spinach Pizza

Pizzas are available in a lot of different variations and flavors. Pizzas are also differentiated on the basis of the toppings which are used on them. Spicy spinach pizza is a kind of a pizza that has got spinach as its topping and is also spicy to eat. Spicy spinach pizza can be made at home and is also available at a lot of pizza centers and restaurants. The amount of calories in spicy spinach pizza may vary according to the method of its preparation and ingredients used. If you want to know how many calories are present in a spicy spinach pizza then please go through the following given information:

Calories in Spicy Spinach Pizza

Trader’s Joe is a very famous fast food centre which sells a variety of snack items. One such item is the spicy spinach pizza. 1 Trader’s Joe spicy spinach pizza weighs 76 grams and contains 140 calories. As far as the nutrition grade of this particular pizza is concerned, it has been allotted a B+ grade. Out of the 140 calories, 3% come from total fat, 16% are contributed by sodium, 9% come from the total carbohydrate content and 8% come from the dietary fiber content.

One of the good points about Trader’s Joe spicy spinach pizza is that due to the presence of spinach, the iron content is pretty rich. Apart from this particular quality, spicy spinach pizza from Trader’s Joe is also high on the vitamin A content and the vitamin C content. Absence of cholesterol and saturated fat are the other two good things about this pizza. But the fact that the sodium content is high makes this pizza slightly less healthy to eat. 4% of the calories are also present as a result of the presence of calcium and even this is a good thing about Trader’s Joe Spicy Spinach pizza.