How Many Calories in Sweet Corn Bread

Sweet corn bread is a kind of bread that contains sweet corns and tastes very delicious. Sweet corn bread can be available in many different flavors and shapes and different companies and brands prepare sweet corn breads in different ways. Some companies that are known for their sweet corn breads are Wal-mart, Hodgson Mill, Wegmans and Little crow foods. The amount of calories in each of these different variations of sweet corn breads may differ just like the difference in the health benefits etc.  To know more about the calorie count of sweet corn bread, you can refer to the following given part of the article.

Calories in Sweet Corn Bread

Wal-mart has been producing sweet corn bread for a long time now and it comes manufactured by the name of Miracle Maize. The amount of calories in 1 serving of miracle maize that is 30 gram in weight is 130. As per the nutritional grade system, Miracle maize has been given C grade. Miracle maize has about 12% sodium, 10 % total carbohydrates, 4% dietary fiber and 1% total fat. This particular bread is a little high on the sugar content and hence might not be considered that nutritional.

Little Crow Foods also make sweet corn bread, 1 serving of which contains about 130 calories. Out of these calories, 9% come from total fat, 5% come from saturated fat, 5% come from cholesterol, 13% is contributed by sodium and 9% comes from carbohydrates. Like the Wal-mart sweet corn bread, this bread too is high on the sugar quantity.

Hodgson Mill too manufactures Sweet corn bread mix, 3 tablespoon of which contains about 100 calories. The nutritional grade given to this mix is D+ and the sodium content is about 13%. The good points about this sweet corn bread mix are that it has no saturated fat and no cholesterol.