How Many Calories in Cheese Popcorn

Watching a movie without a pack of cheese popcorn? Sounds pretty boring. Cheese popcorn are a yummy snack that goes amazingly well with a cold drink and that too in the middle of a movie. Cheese popcorns are quite tasty but because of the cheese content in them, the calorie content is pretty high. If you are interested in finding out that which brand of cheese popcorn is the best in terms of nutritional value and health benefits, then the following given article shall be very useful for you:

Herr’s cheese popcorns come in a sealed packing and are pretty great for munching.3 cups of these cheese popcorn weigh around 28 grams and have 140 calories in them. The nutritional grade given to them is C+ because of the no sugar and no cholesterol composition; they can be trusted as well. Infact 12% of dietary fiber is present in Herr’s cheese popcorns as well.

calories in cheese popcorn

YaYa’s cheese popcorns are also quite popular and relished by a lot of people. These popcorns are also sold in sealed packets and 2.33 cups of these popcorns have about 170 calories and are not considered that great for health because of the D+ nutritional grade that they have. 17% of these calories come from total fat, 7% come from saturated fat, 2% comes from cholesterol, 9% comes from sodium, 5% comes from carbohydrates and 8% comes from dietary fiber. Being low in cholesterol works in the favour of these cheese popcorns.

Kroger also does well at manufacturing cheese popcorns.2 2/2 cups of Kroger’s cheese popcorns contain about 150 calories and have been given a nutritional grade of C-. Out of the 150 calories, 15% has been contributed as a result of the presence of total fat, 7% comes from saturated fat and 15% comes from sodium.