How many Calories in Pesto Pasta

Pasta has become a popular dish all over the globe and there ions a variety of pasta that is served all over the globe. The variety in pasta comes with the type of sauce with which the dish is served. Pesto sauce is an excellent sauce to serve along with pasta. Pesto pasta is an easy to cook dish if a person is prepared with the pesto sauce. The sauce is green in colour and gives the same colour to the pasta as well.

Calorific value of the pesto pasta is 358.3. This is an average calorific value. The fat content of the dish is 36 percent, it has 3 percent cholesterol, carbohydrate is 9 percent and the sodium and potassium content is 9 percent and 5 percent respectively. Thus the dish is excellent to be consumed. This is a fact that has made the dish available at various corners of the world. With people getting more health conscious, the dish is an ideal one. A good percentage of vitamins are available in the dish. The above mentioned specifications are for a cup of dish served.

Calories in Pesto Pasta
Calories in Pesto Pasta

Moreover, the alcohol content in the dish is 0 percent. Dry pasta is manufactured by a lot many companies and a person can easily get it from the market. The recipe of the dish is available in the market and also on the internet and thus a person can easily prepare the nutrition us dish for himself and also for the guests. The main ingredient of the pasta is Durum and its nutritious value is good and thus the whole dish maintains the health caring ratio of its contents.

The dish can also be served along with the various vegetables and thus the calorific value may be altered in that case as per the ingredient added to the dish.