How many Calories in Carne Asada

For all the beef lovers, carne Asada is a delicious Mexican cuisine that makes the meals far better than various other non vegeteranian dishes. The cuisine is a simple one to cook and is a common sight at various restaurants and parties. The dish is cooked by dry heating and acts like the roasted beef.

If a person buys 1 Quesadilla of the dish then he or she is liable to consume 940 calories and 56 grams of fats. The carbs content is 60 grams and the protein is 49 grams. This makes it a dish suitable to be consumed on some occasions. High fat value limits the usage of the dish.

Calories in Carne Asada
Calories in Carne Asada

3 Tacos of the dish make a consumer have 790 calories, 42 grams of fats, 58 grams of carb and 49 grams of proteins. The dish tastes equally as good as compared to the calorific value. The popularity of the dish has made it available in various countries all over the globe. The carbohydrate content in the dish is almost 0 percent which is a positive aspect of the dish. 20 percent cholesterol is another feature of a fully cooked Carne Asada. The sodium content is 18 percent in the dish.

With the above mentioned specifications of the dish, it is enjoyed as a heavy dish to be served at the parties. Further, the garnishing of the dish with various vegetables makes it heavier and thereby adding to the calorific value of the dish. Grilled onions and black bees are a few items to be served along with the dish in order to make it tastier. The baking time of the dish is neither long nor short and therefore it is cooked before hand to allow a better and fast serving to the guests at the party or the restaurant.