How many calories in vegetable fried rice

Vegetable fried rice is a fast food that makes the rice taste so special. This dish can be cooked within few minutes. The dish is easily available at various parties, which shows the popularity of the dish. Basically the dish is a Chinese dish and thus the consumption of the dish is done with the other Chinese dish with gravy such as Manchurian or cheese chili. The easy cooking of the dish makes it a perfect dish to be served to the kids who demand delicious dish in a short time.

The nutrition us value of the dish is also excellent. A cup of vegetable fried rice has 228.2 calories in it. This is a quite healthy value. Further details of the dish are 6.5 milligrams of proteins, sugar content is 0.5 milligrams, and fiber is 1.5 milligrams and also 32.5 milligrams of the cholesterol. All this makes it an ideal dish as snacks. Carbohydrate content in the dish is 43.3 milligrams.

calories in Vegetable Fried Rice
calories in Vegetable Fried Rice

Cooking the dish is equally easy as is its nutritious value. The dish can be made better with the added vegetables. Various vegetables like capsicum and cabbage can be added to the dish and thus the nutritious value can be altered. The rice can be eaten with sauce as well that makes it tastier and adds calories as well.

As far as the fat content is concerned, the fat content of the dish is also less and the main ingredient for this is the rice that is used to make the dish. Further, the water content in the dish is 85.3 milligrams. With all the mentioned values the dish is far better than the various other dishes that are cooked in the same period of time. The high mineral content of the dish is another benefit to all the consumers of the dish.