How Many Calories in Peanut Butter Sandwich

Peanut butter sandwich is one of the most popular types of a sandwich and is loved by many people across the world. Peanut butter sandwich is prepared by using peanut butter and bread and is made and sold by many different restaurants and cafes. Infact it can also be easily made at home using a simple recipe. The amount of calories in a peanut butter sandwich may vary according to the method of preparation or ingredients used. The following given information will help you know more about this in detail:

Calories in Peanut Butter Sandwich

Girl Scout Cookies is a popular company that makes many delicious food items including peanut butter sandwich. 35 grams of this sandwich contain 160 calories out of which 9% come from total fat, 13% come from saturated fat, 6% come from sodium, 9% come from total carbohydrates and 4% come from dietary fiber. The nutrition grade given to these sandwiches from Girl Scout Cookies is D+. One of the negative points about this sandwich is that it contains a lot of sugar in it.v

Smucker’s is another brand which is known to prepare yummy peanut butter sandwich.  This sandwich comes in a ready to eat pack and 1 sandwich contains 200 calories. The nutrition grade which Smucker’s peanut butter sandwich is allotted is D+. Out of the 200 calories, 17% come from total fat, 10% come from saturated fat, 10% comes from the sodium present, 6% has been contributed by the total carbohydrates and 8% is also contributed by the dietary fiber content. Since this sandwich contains no cholesterol, it can be considered healthy to eat especially for those who are trying to avoid cholesterol in their diet. But one negative thing is that it has got a lot of sodium and even the saturated fat content is high.