How Many Calories in Cookie Cake

Everybody likes to eat cakes and one cake variety which is really very popular among people is the cookie cake. Cookie cake is a tasty cake which has got the flavor of cookies and is pretty rich and sweet. Cookie cakes are prepared by a lot of companies and each company makes cookie cakes in a different way. Thus depending upon the method of preparation and ingredients used, the number of calories in cookie cake may differ. The following given article will prove to be of help for you if you wish to know about cookie cakes:

Calories in Cookie Cake

Pepperidgefarm is a company known for making, cookies, cakes and other bakery items. One such item that this company sells is a cookie cake. 1/8 part of a cookie cake made by this company weighs somewhere around 75 grams and contains about 250 calories. The nutrition grade given to this cake is D.  Out of the 250 calories, 18% come from total fat, 20% come from saturated fat, 7% come from cholesterol, 6% come from sodium, 11% come from total carbohydrates and 8% comes from dietary fiber. The very large amount of sugar present in this particular cake can be counted as one of its negative point.

Wegmans is a famous cake and pastry making brand which produces many different types of desert items. One such cake that is made by Wegmans is the chocolate chip cookie cake. 1 serving of this cake contains about 260 calories out of which 22% come from the total fat content, 25% comes from saturated fat, 7% comes from cholesterol, 6% comes from sodium, 10% comes from carbohydrates and the remaining 16% come from the dietary fiber content. The nutrition grade give to this cake is D+ and the good points about it are that it has low sodium and no sugar.