How Many Calories in Guava Pastry

Guava pastry is a kind of a sweet or desert item which has been made out of guava fruit and has a strong guava flavor. Guava pastry is not so easily available but many pastry shops make wonderful guava flavored pastry. Do you know about the number of calories present in guava pastry? Do you think there are many health benefits associated with guava pastry? If the answers to these questions is no, then the following part of this article shall prove to be of help for you:

Calories in Guava Pastry

Goya is a famous company which is known to manufacture guava flavored pastry. This tasty pastry sold by this company has been allotted D- grade as far as the nutrition scale is concerned. The number of calories present in 42.5 grams of guava pastry are 140. Out of these calories, 12% come from total fat, 15% come from saturated fat, 2% come from cholesterol, 3% come from sodium and 6% come from total carbohydrates. Some of the good points associated with Goya guava pastry are that it has low amount of cholesterol and low amount of sodium content as well. The high amount of saturated fat present in Goya guava pastry is the one negative point associated with it.

Mayeya is another company which is popular for its tasty Cuban guava pastries. 1 serving of Cuban guava pastry made by Mayeya contains 90 calories out of which 6% come from total fat, 10% come from saturated fat, 2% come from sodium and 4% come from total carbohydrates. The nutrition grade given to this particular pastry is D. The fact that this pastry has no cholesterol is one of its positive points whereas the high amount of sugar and high amount of saturated fat are the two negative points associated with Mayeya guava pastry.