How Many Calories in Lime Juice

Lime juice which is a rich source of vitamin C is available in its fresh form as well as canned or bottled form. You may add ingredients such as sugar, salt, pepper, etc to enhance its taste, consume it plain and even dilute it with water. The number of calories in lime juice varies based on the form in which you consume it and also based on the ingredients added to it.

Fresh lime juice extracted from one lime of about 2 inches diameter contains a total of 10 calories. Out of these 10 calories 94% of the calories come from carbohydrates, 4% come from proteins and 2% from fat. The total fat content in an equal quantity of fresh lime juice is 0.03 gram consisting of 0.009 gram of polyunsaturated fat content and 0.003 gram each of saturated and monounsaturated fat content. The sodium content in it is 1 mg, potassium content in it is 44 mg, carbohydrate content in it is 3.2 gram, sugar content is 0.64 gram, dietary fiber content is 0.2 gram and protein content in it is 0.16 gram. It also contains a good amount of vitamin C content.


One fl oz of fresh lime juice contains 8 calories, 100 ml contains a total of 26 calories and one cup of fresh lime juice has a total of 62 calories.

One fl oz of canned lime juice contains a total of 6 calories. Out of these 6 calories 90% of the calories are obtained from carbohydrates, 7% calorie come from fat and the remaining 3% calories come from proteins. The total fat content in an equal serving of canned lime juice is 0.07 gram, carbohydrate content in it is 2.06 gram and protein content is 0.08 gram. Consuming 100 ml of canned lime juice means taking in 22 calories and one cup means consuming a total of 52 calories.