How Many Calories in Avocado Salad

Avocados have been a top pick for health conscious people for a very long time. They provide oral cancer defense, breast cancer protection, increase eye health, lower cholesterol, prevent stroke and increase heart health. To top it all, avocados are rich in vitamins. Thus having avocado salad can be a great way to healthy eating. There can be various ingredients in avocado salads that make it tasty and healthy all at once. But just healthy eating is not enough; you should be aware of the nutrition this dish provides you.

Avocado Salad

Some prefer the salad in a bowl, some like it as a wrap. In Wegmans, the Avocado Salad wrap of 115 gm has about 130 calories and just 5 gm of fat.

The 330 gm Chicken and Avocado salad wrap from Pret a Manager has 440 calories and it has just 28 gm of fat, making it a very healthy item to eat.
You can also use the Chicken and Avocado salad fajita as your lunch from IHOP. It has 870 calories and 52 gm of fat. More or less, all the items of avocado salads are high on calories that will keep you fortified for long, but they are low on the fat content.

Depending on the other contents added to the avocado salad, the calorie count increases. But the fat content in all these items is quite low. If there is chicken, then the salad offers a lot of protein. There is considerable amount of carbohydrates in the salad and that makes sure you have a lot of energy to get through all your work. The sodium content varies with the recipe and so does the sugar content. However, since these items are so low on the fat, that they can be had at all times. This way you can stay healthy and fit and your body will benefit from it.