How Many Calories in French Fried Potatoes

French fried potatoes are a favourite among many people around the world. This is one of the most common fast food and snack item and is available at a lot of fast food centers. French fried potatoes consist of quite a few calories because of the fact that they are fried but also have a few positive points about them. If you wish to know more about the number of calories in French fried potatoes, then you can refer to the following given details:

The French fried potatoes manufactured by ShopRite are quite common and are consumed by a lot of people. 32 pieces of these potato fries consist of 150 calories out of which 17% are contributed by sodium, 7% by carbohydrates and 4% by dietary fiber. The positive point about eating these French fried potatoes is that they have absolutely no cholesterol and no sugar content as well but what makes them harmful is the fact that the sodium content is quite high.

Calories in French Fried Potatoes

Stop and Shop is another brand famous for its crispy French fried potatoes but do you know how many calories do 18 pieces of these potato fries contain? They contain about 200 calories and are given grade C- as far as nutrition level is concerned. But the good part is that neither do they contain any sugar nor do they consist of any cholesterol. These French fried potatoes have about 18% sodium content and 8% carbohydrates.

McCain crinkle cut French fried potatoes are known for their frozen potato sticks that can be fried and are quite ready to use. 18 pieces of these potato sticks contain 130 calories out of which 13% comes from sodium, 6% from fats and 7% from carbohydrates. These potatoe sticks contain no cholesterol and are given a nutritional grade C.