How Many Calories in Butter Fish

A prime benefit of butter fish is that you can cook it in various ways and processes using different ingredients and every time it tastes equally great. Butter fish can be made to form sumptuous curry or savoring with lemon butter sauce or the most loved fish steaks. Using different ingredients tends to modify the nutritional value and the calorie counts as well.

Butter Fish

Halibut with Curry Butter and Snap Peas Fish by Dr. Gourmet has 296 calories out of which 126 calories come from fat. Total fat content in this delicacy is 14.0g and saturated fat forms 3.0g. Adding to the cholesterol by 36mg this delicacy is replete with 384 mg sodium, 13.0 g carbohydrate and 3.0g dietary fiber. For the fitness enthusiasts this dish is the ideal one with 27g Protein and loads of Vitamin A and Vitamin C along with substantial amount of Iron and Calcium.

Another healthy yet tasty butter fish delicacy is Fish in Butter Sauce, Steaks by Ross featuring a calorie content of 126. A single serving size of this dish is 150.0 g. Calories from fat in this version of butter fish forms 41. Total fat and carbohydrates content in this dish is 4.5g and Protein adding in by 13.5g.

Fish Cakes by Finest is made using Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce and its calorie count is 524 in which calories from fat is 356. In a serving of 220g you will get 39.6g fat, 22g carbohydrate, 2.2g dietary fiber and 15.4g Protein.

Finally, you might also try Basa Fish Fillet in Chilli Butter Sauce Cake in the bag by Tesco with 220 calories comprising 107 from fat. In a serving of 142g you get 11.9g fat, 6.4g saturated fat, 1.2g polyunsaturated fat, and 1.6g monounsaturated fat. Replete in sodium, this dish has 284g in sodium, with small amount of carbohydrate and Dietary fiber. Having 2.8g sugar level, this version has substantial amount of Protein (23.7g).