How Many Calories in Caesar’s Pizza

Caesar’s pizza is a kind of a pizza which contains Caesar salad as a dressing on it. Caesar’s salad is quite healthy to eat and hence Caesar’s pizza can also be considered a healthy type of a pizza. If you wish to know how many calories are present in different types of Caesar’s pizzas and if you are also interested in knowing whether or not there are any health benefits associated with this kind of a pizza, then the following given article will prove to be really useful for you:

Calories in Caesar’s Pizza

Little Caesar’s hot n ready cheese pizza contains about 240 calories in one slice. Out of these 240 calories, 1000 mg comes from the dietary fiber content, 3000 mg comes from sugar content, 9000 mg comes from the fat content, 32000 mg comes from the carbohydrate content, 12000 mg comes from proteins, 200 mg comes from calcium, 440 mg comes from sodium,4000 mg comes from saturated fats and 20 mg comes from cholesterol. The high amount of saturated fat and sugar may be the negative points about this particular pizza and it may thus be considered bad for health.

Another Little Caesar’s pizza called deep dish just cheese is also a famous Caesar’s pizza. One slice of this pizza from Little Caesar’s contains about 320 calories. These 320 calories are present in the pizza as a result of 14000 mg of protein, 3000 mg of sugar, 13000 mg of fat, 2000 mg of fiber, 20 mg of cholesterol, 38000 mg of carbohydrates, 250 mg of calcium, 510 mg of sodium and 5000 mg of saturated fat as well. The really high amount of saturated fat is a negative point about this particular pizza from Little Caesar’s while the fact that the sodium content too is high can be another bad point about it.