How Many Calories In Peeled Shrimp

Peeled shrimp is a sea food item which is loved and relished by many sea food lovers. Peeled shrimp is quite tasty and delicious and has got many health benefits as well. Peeled shrimp is easily available and it is quite easy to make peeled shrimp at home as well. Do you know about the health benefits of peeled shrimp or are you aware of the number of calories in peeled shrimp? If not and you wish to find out then please go through the following given part of the article:

calories in Peeled shrimp

President’s choice is a very popular name which is known to manufacture and sell many food products. Peeled shrimp is one of the items that this company is famous for selling. 1/3 cup or 68 grams of peeled shrimp manufactured by this company contains about 70 calories out of which 2% comes from total fat, 2% comes from saturated fat, 48% comes from cholesterol and 10% is also contributed by the sodium content.  The nutrition grade given to this peeled shrimp is C-. Some of the bad points associated with it are that the cholesterol content is way too much and even the sodium amount is quite high.

Another company famous for selling shrimp is Polar. Polar sells peeled shrimp in different sized and 100 grams of medium sized peeled shrimp produced by this company contains about 100 calories. Out of these 100 calories, 1% comes from the total fat content, 1% comes from the saturated fat content, 54% is a result of the presence of cholesterol and 6% comes from sodium. The good points about this peeled shrimp are that it is low on the saturated fat content, has got no sugar amount and calcium and iron content are also high. The very high level of cholesterol is the only negative thing about this peeled shrimp.