How Many Calories in Coffee Cake

Everyone who loves coffee and also loves to eat cake might also enjoy coffee flavored cake. Coffee cake might not be available very readily or commonly but tastes great and makes for a wonderful desert. By following a simple recipe, coffee cake can also be made at home easily. Coffee cake has a little bit of coffee in it and that is how it gets its aroma and flavor. Do you know how many calories are there in coffee cake? If not and you wish to find out then please refer to the following part of this article:

Calories in Coffee Cake


Starbucks is a famous brand name which serves coffee and other coffee related products. One item that this company is famous for making is the coffee cake. 1piece of coffee cake made by Starbucks weighs 113 grams and contains 440 calories. Out of these 440 calories, 29% come from total fat, 55% come from saturated fat, 32% come from cholesterol, 19% come from sodium, 21% come from carbohydrates and 4% come from dietary fiber. Some of the negative things associated with Starbucks coffee cake are that it has got a lot of sugar in it and the amount of saturated fat present is also really quite high. The nutrition grade which has been given to this cake is D-.

Hostess is another company which makes yummy coffee cake.  The name of the coffee cake made by this company is Coffee Crumb Cake. 1 cake that weighs 30.8 grams contains about 129 calories. Out of these 129 calories, 6% come from carbohydrates, 5% come from sodium, 3% come from cholesterol, 10% is contributed by saturated fat and 8% comes from the total fat content. This cake can be considered good for health because it contains a balanced calorie content and is low on sodium as well.