How Many Calories in Apple Cinnamon Tea

Tea is not considered very good for health however, if you are addicted to it is recommended not to go on consuming your regular tea. It is rather wise to shift to a healthy substitute. You must have heard about different varieties of tea. Amongst one of the healthiest options when it comes to tea is Apple Cinnamon Tea. Apple Cinnamon tea offers a number of medicinal benefits and its consumption does not add much calorie content or any unhealthy micronutrient to your body.

Each bag of Apple Cinnamon Tea contains a total of 4 calories. It also contains 0.5 grams of total carbohydrate content and a similar amount of protein content. It also contains traces of certain essential minerals and vitamins.

Calories in Apple Cinnamon Tea

Apple cinnamon tea is available from a number of brands and the calorie content in this variety of tea available from different brands may vary. Here is a look at the number of calories in apple cinnamon tea available from a few popular brands.

Bigelow Tea manufactures healthy herbal apple cinnamon tea. An 8 oz serving of this apple cinnamon tea does not contain any calorie content. Lipton’s cinnamon apple herbal tea is also quite popular and a tea bag of this cinnamon apple tea also does not contain any calorie content.

When it comes to apple cinnamon tea you may also go for the one manufactured by Tim Hortons. A tea bag of apple cinnamon tea available from this brand also does not contain any calorie content.

Similarly a number of other brands manufacture this apple cinnamon tea and most of these include zero or minimal calorie content. However, the mentioned calorie content is in the apple cinnamon tea leaves or granules or if you are preparing it plain by just adding water. On adding sugar and milk to the tea, which most people prefer, you would be adding on some calories to it too.