How many Calories in a Falafel Pita

A falafel is a ball or a deep fried patty which is made out of various beans, chickpeas or even both of them combined. It is an Arabian dish which is mostly served in a pita that works as a pocket or a flatbread. This falafel pita is often topped with the sauces, pickled hot vegetables, and also salads. These toppings differ according to the different area where it is eaten. The amount of salad used and the type of ingredients determine the amount of calories contained in a falafel pita. They are eaten as snacks alone or might be served along with other dishes.

Calories in a Falafel Pita

The total amount of calories in a falafel pita accounts to be around 124 along with 0.24 grams of fat. The 25.06 grams of carbohydrates and 4.1 grams of protein make this dish very high on the nutritional value. The fat content is quite high in this dish dispatching a very delicious taste to it. Though it does not contain any cholesterol, but it does contain some saturated fat amounting to 0.075 grams, 0.241 grams of poly saturated fat and 0.047 grams of mono saturated fat. The amount of sodium and potassium in a falafel pita is equal to 241 milligrams and 54 milligrams respectively. It contains 1 gram dietary fibre and 0.58 grams of sugar content.

Falafel pita lacks in vitamins be it Vitamin A or be it Vitamin C. It has a total of 4% of Calcium and 7% of Iron. These values are based on one medium sized falafel pita bread. The percentage values are based on a basic 2000 calorie per day diet. The calorie breakdown on this dish can be stated as- 4% fat, 83% of carbohydrates, and 13% of protein content. It is quite high on nutritional value.