How Many calories in a veggie sub

A veggie sub is a kind of vegetarian sandwich that is served by most popularly subway. Now a day’s people are becoming more health conscious and like awareness of the nutritional information for the food they eat. A veggie sub comes in different sizes and preparations. The calorie content in a veggie sub will depend on what kind of sandwich you prefer.

A 6’inch veggie sub from subway has as many as 230 calories of which 27 are from fat. But you can manage the calorie content in the way you choose your sandwich. When compared individually, Tomato (34gm) has 5 calories, light Mayonnaise (12.4gm) has 41 calories, Lettuce (21 gm) has 0 calories, onion (14 gm) has 5 calories and a processed American cheese (11gm) has 40 calories.

calories in a veggie sub

In order to reduce your calorie content to manage your weight you must look for options that can reduce the calorie content in your veggie sub. What can be done is to order a less cheese and less mayonnaise content in your veggie sub, this can reduce your calorie intake. One thing that must be kept in mind is that over and above a potato cake in your sandwich can give as much as 250 calories of which 140 are from fat. So before you order your single or double or triple veggie sub think twice. More over the so called market Fresh veggie sandwiches have all in all 700 to 820 calories in each sandwich. Those on a restrictive diet of 2000 calories a day, this might not be the right option for you. Not with standing anything that is against vegetarians but even the so called vegetarian food needs to be taken cautiously in order to manage your weight.

Besides this, there are other varieties of veggie sub and the calorie content in these is different.