How many Calories in Jerk Chicken

First of all one must know what a jerk chicken is. A jerk chicken unlike a halaal chicken is not slaughtered but killed by jerk on the spinal cord due to which the chicken is dead instantly. The jerk chicken is prepared in many ways buy making changes in the ingredients used in it. Accordingly the calorie content differs in each preparation.

As found out a jerk chicken with a serving of 6 pieces has a total of 220 calories. With a fat content of 6.4g, cholesterol 68mg, sodium 474mg, carbs 13g, dietary fiber 3.2g and protein28.8g. No, this is not all; more calories are added while cooking jerk chicken. With different methods comes different amount of calories that get added to jerk chicken, thus increasing the total calorie intake.

Calories in Jerk Chicken

In order to be specific and regardless of the fact that jerk chicken dishes are tasty, yet you have to count on the calories it has in order to avoid serious health troubles if taken regularly. Any dish taken occasionally does not affect your health in a bad way; rather it is a delight to your taste buds.

If you are looking for a Jamaican grilled jerk chicken you got to know that for a serving of 4 pieces it contains a total of 112.3 calories, cholesterol ranging to 55.12mg making it not fit for people suffering from heart ailment if consumed on regular basis. Adding to this, if you choose jerk chicken with rice and peas you must know that per serving of one tray you will be consuming  a total of 430 calories with total fat of 15grams, cholesterol 50mg, sodium 1390 mg, and protein 26 grams. This makes the dish high on calorie content and not suitable for those who are looking for weight management and weight reduction. All in all jerk chicken though pleases as a cuisine but one must be careful of the calories he can manage in his diet.