How Many Calories in Watermelon Salad

Everybody loves watermelon, a fruit with high quantities of water present in it. There are many health benefits of having watermelon as it contains a lot of water and prevents dehydration. Watermelon works really well in summers and provides a cooling effect to the body. One way in which watermelon can be consumed is by having watermelon salad.

How Many Calories in Watermelon Salad

Watermelon salad has watermelon as its main ingredient and several other ingredients. Based on the ingredients added to a watermelon salad, its caloric content and nutritional value may differ. Let’s find this information about a few different types of watermelon salads.

Au Bon pain is a company which is known for the delicious watermelon and goat cheese salad that it makes.263 grams of this salad produced by Au Bon pain contains a total of 250 calories. As far as the nutritional value of this salad is concerned, it has been given a grade of B. Out of the 250 calories, 15% come from total fat content, 22% come from saturated fat content, 5% comes from cholesterol content, 13% comes from sodium content, 10% comes from carbohydrates and 20% comes from dietary fiber content.

This salad contains high quantities of protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron and this is a really healthy aspect of it. Another good point about this salad is the low cholesterol that it contains.

Souper Salad is another company which makes watermelon salad and this salad is a favorite of many people.1 serving of this particular salad contains about 50 calories. 2% of these calories are contributed from total fat content, 4% come from carbohydrates and another 4% come from dietary fiber content. The presence of dietary fiber, protein and low carbohydrates makes this a healthy salad to have but high sugar might be a reason for some to avoid it.