Guide to Eating Healthy when Eating Out

Dining out can pose to be a challenge and a tricky situation for many healthy eaters. Most of the foods served at restaurants, cafes and other eating joints are not up to the healthy standard as they are when made at home and thus people who wish to indulge in healthy eating might face a problem while picking what to eat. But there’s no problem whose solution isn’t around the corner. Here we have a detailed guide to eating healthy when eating out.

Guide to Eating Healthy when Eating Out

Make Careful Menu Selections

One of the most important things to keep in mind while eating out is to make the right choices from the menu while ordering food. You must pick up only those foods which you think will benefit your health rather than degrade it.

Try and go for foods with less quantity of saturated fats and cholesterol and high amount of dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Avoid deep fried, pan fried, batter dipped, basted, creamy, crispy and breaded food items as they are generally a little high on the calories and also contain a lot of sodium. Try and order more foods with vegetables and leaner meats.

Drink Water along with Your Meal

We often order a fizzy drink with your meals to add flavor to it and also to gulp it down but these soda based drinks are very high on sodium, sugar and calories. So the better company for your meal is water. If you don’t want to have plain water, add a little lemon to it or order unsweetened lemon ice tea.

Always Undress your Meal

While ordering food while eating out, always try and ask the waiter to remove the ‘dressings’ from the food. For example, ask him to bring the salad without the dressing or a sandwich without the mayonnaise. This way, you will take in fewer calories and refrain from eating unhealthy and fatty food.

Eat Mindfully

You must be very aware of how much you are eating and what you are eating. Eat sensibly and in small portions. Savor every bite you eat because unless you enjoy your food, you would hardly get any of its benefits. Chew your food more many times and make sure to avoid eating on a run.

Some Side Tips

Ask the waiter to make your food in olive oil rather than some other oil. Get the sauces removed from the foods you order and replace fried food with steamed food.