How Many Calories in a Peeled Kiwi

Kiwifruit now commonly known as Kiwi is also called the Chinese Gooseberry and has been a constant item in many cuisines. They have been used in salads, sides for fish or prawns, and in desserts like pies, cakes and creamy delicacies. This fruit lends the dishes an exotic flavor and is also good for the body. Since kiwi is a citrus fruit, it adds to the water content that hydrates the body and benefits the skin. This fruit has high nutrition value and is low on fat content.

Peeled Kiwi

It is recommended that the fruit should not be consumed with the skin as the same can cause throat irritation and it also has no nutritional value. A 76.0 gm Kiwi (peeled), has 46 Calories and just 0.4 gm fat. The number of Calories does not change even if you keep the fruit in storage. You can also extract the juice of a peeled Kiwi and yet benefit from the same number of calories in a serving of 342 gm. The fruit contains 15% carbohydrates, 2% Sodium and 8% dietary fiber. A normal serving Kiwi will have 6% Vitamin A, and since it is a citrus fruit, it has 70% Vitamin C along with 15% Calcium and 2% Iron. Due to so much nutritional value, many people use the fruit lavishly in a fruit salad. Fruits like kiwi, grapes, pineapple, blueberry, cantaloupes and strawberry.

Kiwi is used for medicinal purposes and also to manufacture alcoholic beverages. A type of white wine is made with kiwi and this white wine is supposedly light and bright. It is also used as a meat tenderizer and as a source to reduce illness like asthma. Doctors have confirmed that increased consumption can delay the onset of macular degeneration. This fruit also protect DNA from oxidation damage.